WAITRO members can share their expertise and apply to facilitate Online Capacity Development workshops during the WAITRO://50 Virtual Innovation Summit 2020, which will take place from October 28th - October 30th. The WAITRO Secretariat will provide technical as well as financial support.

How to apply

Who can apply?

All staff and researchers at WAITRO member organizations can apply.

It is also possible to apply as a team of facilitators.

Detailed procedure


All workshops as well as question and answer sessions should be held in English. In exceptional cases, the Secretariat will consider proposals for workshops in other major languages. To facilitate a Capacity Development workshop you must have the capability to record a video on demand.  This video will then be available for all registered participants of the WAITRO://50 Virtual Innovation Summit 2020 from October 28th -29th. These videos will remain available to all registered participants until November 30th.

Additionally, facilitator(s) will get to do live question and answer (Q&A) sessions on October 28th and 29th  that participants of WAITRO://50 Virtual Innovation Summit 2020 can register for.

The time slots for the Q&A should vary on both days (e.g. morning on October 28th and afternoon on October 29th) because there will be participants from all around the world in different time zones.

Technical support

The WAITRO Secretariat is working with a professional online conference organizer who will train the facilitator(s) beforehand in how to record a video on demand.

Process step by step

  1. Apply to facilitate a workshop during the WAITRO:// Virtual Innovation Summit
  2. Get selected to facilitate a workshop
  3. Get technical training on how to record a video on demand
  4. Record your video on demand and send to WAITRO Secretariat
  5. Your Video on demand is available for all participants during the WAITRO://50 Virtual Innovation Summit 2020
  6. Participants of WAITRO://50 Virtual Innovation Summit 2020 can register for live question and answer (Q&A) sessions with you
  7. Host live online Q&A sessions

Potential topics

It is possible to host a workshop in any field of the facilitator(s) expertise. However, the workshop must be directed at a WAITRO member audience.

In a WAITRO survey the following topics were mentioned of high interest for WAITRO members:

  • Knowledge sharing through open access (82,4%)
  • Engaging with the industry (76,5%)
  • Efficient remote work in RTOs (52,9%)
  • RTO management in times of COVID-19 (39,2)

This is just an indication. If the facilitator(s) are experts in another field, they are still eligible to apply.


  • June 22nd: Announcement (WAITRO Secretariat)
  • June 22nd to August 15th : Application​ (Member Organizations​)
  • By August 31st​: Evaluation​ (WAITRO Secretariat​)
  • September 1st to October​: Preparation​ (Member Organization (Host)​)
  • October​ 28th to 30th: WAITRO://50 Virtual Innovation Summit (Member Organizations​ (Host) & Participants)

Documents that must be turned in for your application

  • CV(s) of facilitator(s)
  • Full Application
  • Budget
  • Proof of level of English (if available)

Download a template for your full application here