New WAITRO Secretariat

After 16 years at SIRIM Berhard in Malaysia, WAITRO starts afresh with a new Secretariat. WAITRO has appointed Dr. Eckart Bierdümpel (LINK) of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (FhG) as the new secretary General of WAITRO.

At Fraunhofer, Dr. Bierdümpel is the Head of Multinational Networking and is responsible for Fraunhofer’s relations to Australia, New Zealand, Sub-Sahara Africa and Southeast Asia. For WAITRO he previously held positions as first and second Vice President.

The Secretary-General is supported by staff at the two new WAITRO Offices. For the first time the Executive Board decided that two organizations will share the responsibilities of the Secretariat. The WAITRO Office Germany is hosted by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Germany, while another office has been established at Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) in China (WAITRO Office China) The Secretariat expresses its gratitude to SIRIM Berhad, and to the Malaysian Government for their efforts and great achievements over the past 16 years and all the support and knowledge that they have provided. A special thank you goes to Dr. Rohani Hashim and Mair Nesrul Bin Zainal Abidin for their dedication to the Global Innovation Family