Benefits of WAITRO Membership

We provide our members with access to a great diversity of services and programs that allow them to deepen their commitment to contribute to sustainable development and the engagement to collaborate on a global scale in innovative ways. WAITRO’s mission and vision serve our staff at the WAITRO Secretariat as guiding principles in their day-to-day endeavor to facilitate international partnerships, the development of capacities, and the implementation of innovative solutions.

Benefit from SAIRA

WAITRO’s Open Innovation Hub offers every single researcher working at a member RTO the opportunity to engage in international research activities. SAIRA allows registered users to search and find partners for project ideas based on funding opportunities or locally identified challenges. From collaborating with companies to develop customized solutions, partnering with start-ups to implement innovative business ideas to cooperating with governmental or non-governmental organizations to complement their efforts for sustainable development, we have built in plenty of room for serendipity.

Institutional and Individual Capacity Development

As the largest global network of research and technology organizations, WAITRO is the ideal platform to collaborate, network and share experiences on a global scale. WAITRO aims to strengthen the capacities of individuals and institutions in research enabling best practices to be shared via WAITRO’s linkages. Thus, we enable our members to be more responsive to global challenges and market needs and to participate more effectively in the global research agenda.

WAITRO Fellowship Program

The exchange of people between organizations across boarders and boundaries creates two-way flows of knowledge and expertise, allowing both parties to benefit from new perspectives and insights. The WAITRO Fellowship Program enables researchers and administrative staff of member RTOs to gain experience in an international and intercultural work environment, while creating a Fellows community of experienced and globally connected people that develop innovations for a sustainable future.

Accelerating Sustainability - Innovation Award

Economic incentives fuel ideas – that is why WAITRO acknowledges project ideas of members initiated by the association and its Open Innovation Hub SAIRA with monetary prices. Award winning project teams are given unique opportunities to accelerate their project ideas for game-changing products and services that lead to significant social and economic impact.

Co-Working and Exhibition Space

The WAITRO Office China offers members a co-working space and an exhibition space at JITRI’s headquarters in Nanjing to showcase their latest inventions. For more information, please contact the WAITRO team in Asia.


By the end of 2019, members will be able to use the WAITRO Intranet. The WAITRO Office Germany will offer a password protected area for members where they can apply for WAITRO programs, exchange information and publications, and gain additional information on internal matters and events. More information will be available to WAITRO members soon.

Benefit from being part of the largest global network of research and technology organizations. WAITRO’s services and programs foster collaboration to amplify your contribution to sustainable development through integrated approaches and incentives that respond to the complexity of the global transformation that is necessary.

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