Application Process

Let’s Get Started

Step 1: Preparation

In order to apply for the fellowship, applicants need to have an approval from the sending organization (home) and an agreement with the receiving organization (host). Applicants are responsible for looking for WAITRO partners abroad.


Submission Time

Step 2: Application

Draft your application form, which should include the following documents: CV, Academic Career Statement, Fellowship Proposal and Letter of Recommendation. Please read the Fellowship Application Guide carefully before submitting your application.


Decision Making Begins

Step 3: Evaluation

Submitted applications will be screened for eligibility and forwarded to the Evaluation Committee. These will then be evaluated based on the Evaluation Guidelines, which include the quality of the Fellowship Proposal, reciprocal rewards and the balance of the regions, countries and members.


Shortlisting Candiates

Step 4: Selection

Short-listed applicants may be interviewed before the final decision is made. The WAITRO Secretariat will notify all applicants of the outcome as soon as possible.


The Final Hurdle

Step 5: Contracting

A positive result does not constitute a confirmed stipend. Following the evaluation and selection, the preparation process will begin which includes a contracting process with the WAITRO Office China (legal and financial aspects).


Good to go!

Step 6: Start

The Fellowship will commence after an agreement has been signed between the WAITRO Secretariat (WAITRO Office China) and the fellow (including the sending and receiving organization). Please take note of the obligations  during the Fellowship Program.


Creating Reciprocal Rewards through Mobility

The WAITRO Fellowship Program

Enabling Knowledge Transfer

The WAITRO Fellowship Program encourages researchers and employees within the WAITRO community to conduct research or work in member organizations abroad. The aim is to facilitate knowledge transfer and learn from RTOs around the world.

Benefits of the Program

Fellows get the opportunity to work at research and technical organizations abroad. In order to enable WAITRO Fellows gain experience in an international and intercultural environment, they receive financial assistance from WAITRO to cover all related fixed costs, such as travelling and insurance, as well as part of the variable costs. Living costs and salary will be shared jointly by the sending organization, receiving organization and the WAITRO Secretariat. The real value of this fellowship however goes far beyond its monetary benefits.

You can apply for the WAITRO Fellowship Prgram on the Intranet.

Who can apply?

The WAITRO Fellowships are open to researchers or technical staff of WAITRO member RTOs. Professionals working across all disciplines are eligible – depending on the institutes’ scientific fields of competence. Applicants need to have a doctoral degree or at least 3 years’ full-time work or research experience at their organization at the time of the application.

How to apply

One of the keys to a successful application is getting an early start – Preparation is key! In order to gauge how much time you may need for the process, please take into account the timeline for the application process. All information about the application process can be viewed below.