EU Project Biowaste4SP – Converting bio-waste into sustainable products

The EU Project “Biowaste4SP” is a prime example of how WAITRO facilitates global project collaboration between research and technology organizations for sustainable development.

The Danish Technology Institute (DTI) coordinated the EU Project “Biowaste4SP” in cooperation with the following WAITRO member organizations:

  • IVL Sweden
  • TUBITAK Turkey
  • SIRIM-Berhard Malaysia
  • IAV Morocco

    …to fertilizer.
  • ARC Egypt
  • CSIT South Africa

    From food waste…
  • CSIR Ghana
  • AICAD Kenya

Besides WAITRO members, the following companies were included in the project:

  • Danish Technical University, Denmark
  • Ethekwini Municipality, South Africa
  • MyAgri Group of Companies, Malaysia
  • Biovelop AB, Sweden
  • Moroccan Association for Solid Waste, Morocco
  • Universita’ degli Studi di Siena, Italy


The EU contributed more than 75% of the total project budget. The aim of the project was to find the most effective way to turn waste from the food industry and agricultural sectors into sustainable products in five African countries: Ghana, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya and Egypt. The socioeconomic conditions of these countries were studied and taken into consideration.  Researchers used locally available equipment along with naturally occurring microorganisms to develop technologies and were able to retrieve sugars, protein and fertilizers and produce bioethanol, biogas, bio fertilizer, lactic acid, protein and amino acids.

Food waste is one of the central challenges the world is facing. It is estimated that up to 30% of total food producing is wasted globally. Biorefineries offer the chance to use this biomass waste for energy, nutrition and food production. This is especially important considering that many products today are manufactured from crude oil and petroleum with the aid of technologies driven by fossil energy. The results of the “Biowaste4SP” initiative therefore also contribute to reducing Greenhouse gas emissions with benefit to the climate.

This project was only possible because organizations from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East worked together. Bringing its members together like this for an important global cause is what WAITRO the Global Innovation Family is all about.