Unleashing the Potential of Global Partnerships

Become A WAITRO Partner 

Building Alliances for Sustainable Development

We invite stakeholders interested in WAITRO to explore the various forms of WAITRO partnerships and collaborations. From using WAITRO’s Open Innovation Hub SAIRA and its services to participating in our capacity development program or the co-hosting and co-organization of events, WAITRO offers its partners a broad range of possibilities to contribute to sustainable development.

Innovate with SAIRA

Benefit from the Open Innovation Hub SAIRA to engage with WAITRO’s substantial problem-solving capacities of research and technology organizations (RTOs). Register for free, create your own challenges or propose project ideas and reach out to our diverse members. SAIRA’s matchmaking tools enable an effective use of technological know-how for your company, SME, start-up or governmental/non-governmental organizations.

Support Bottom-Up Projects

Explore project ideas ready to be implemented. Join our project teams by providing financial or human capital and promote innovations for sustainable development.

Capacity Development

Join our activities to strengthen individual and institutional capacities around the world. Use our global network of research and technology organizations to create and share best practices with a wider community. As a partner, you gain access to WAITRO’s vast knowledge in science, technology and innovation.

Become a Partner

Together, we move towards long-term strategic partnerships, formed and driven by a clear value proposition for our partners as well as WAITRO. Understanding strategic trade-offs will unlock the full potential of collaboration. We are continuously enhancing our network of strategic partners and invite you to explore the vast possibilities of cooperation   focusing less on process and more on results.