My experience, my words, my thoughts - WAITRO Management Programme 2017

My experience, my words, my thoughts - WAITRO Management Programme 2017

by Liloutie Chookolingo (Leela) of CARIRI, Triniad and Tobago

During the period of 17–23 July, 2017 I was given the opportunity to participate in the WAITRO Management Programme 2017.  Coming from a small Caribbean Island, Trinidad and Tobago, when the prospect to attend the programme was put forward, the elation of being across the globe into a different time zone and atmosphere was of utmost excitement. Words cannot describe the fireworks of emotions I felt.


Much to my surprise, the fireworks did not end there but continued to grow, thousands of miles away. The experience of this trip brought with it new found friends, friendship that felt as though you were meeting up with long lost family members for the first time, the WAITRO Secretariat left no stone unturned to ensure participants were met with affection and cared for like family.


I often wondered what was so wonderful about being members of WAITRO, why spend on membership fees, what was the benefit to our organisation, what could WAITRO do for us as a small institute?  One could spend time researching what WAITRO is all about. However, being part of the programme brought to light the true essence of the organisation and what it hoped to achieve, the benefits of being a member, the importance of sharing information and knowledge across the globe with the goal of achieving sustainable development and global innovation.  The programme shed light to the meaning of the phrase “The Global Innovation Family”.


The main objective of the programme was to provide participants with a deeper understanding of WAITRO’s functions and activities to assist them in functioning as a contact person for the Board and Regional Focal Points. During the scheduled programme week, participants from CSIR, South Africa; RMRDC, Nigeria; NFI, Thailand; TISTR, Thailand; CISME, China; FhG, Germany; TUBITAK, Turkey; CIDET, Colombia and CARIRI, Trinidad and Tobago made presentations about their organisations, projects completed and those being worked on, what their organisations hoped to achieve under the WAITRO umbrella and the future WAITRO initiatives.  Being privy to the information shared on varying projects and hopes for achievement made the realisation of what can be achieved when great minds come together such as those under WAITRO.


After attending this programme it is with great pride and conviction one takes up the role of being given the responsibility of performing WAITRO-related responsibilities undertaken by the organisation as well as to communicate and work closely with the WAITRO Secretariat.


In closing, I would like to take thank the WAITRO Secretariat for affording me the opportunity to gain experience, knowledge and friendship of a lifetime.



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