TISTR’s From Local to Global International Forum: Food Industry 4.0
On the occasion of the 54th Anniversary of the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) this year, TISTR will host the international conference 'From Local to Global International Forum: Food Industry 4.0' from June 12-13, 2017 at the Centara Grand Hotel at Central Plaza Lad Phrao, Bangkok. The theme of the conference is to respond to the Thailand 4.0 initiative and the Royal Thai Government’s policy in driving Food Innopolis under the 'Food Industry 4.0', which is applied to enhance the capability of research, development, technology transfer, scientific and technological services related to food technology, as well as other aspects of TISTR’s involvement to entrepreneurs, particularly for SMEs and startups in Thailand to grow sustainably and to be the key success factors in driving Thai economic respectively.

Globalisation has accelerated the development of science, technology and innovation (STI). The competitiveness of each entrepreneur is not limited only to the domestic or regional level, but it is expanded into global competition. Therefore, to support and continue the capability building of Thai entrepreneurs to increase the recognition of their products that conform to international standards, particularly in food products, TISTR defines the overall picture of this conference to promote and enhance Thai food entrepreneurs to be an international competitor, or in other words, 'From Local to Global'.

The event comprises of the following international conferences and exhibitions:

1. Keynote addresses by qualified speakers from Thailand and other countries in ways to drive Thai food industries to the world market sustainably according to Thailand 4.0.

2. International conference on innovative food under the following themes:
a. 'Food for the Future' including dietary supplement and functional food, and 'SMEs and Startups of Thai Food Industry in the Digital Age’
b. 'Food for health and Safety: Trends in Food Safety Standards’

3. Exhibitions of TISTR's potential on R&Ds, technology transfers, S&T services related to the event theme

4. Consultation and technology support, including business matching

The target groups of the forum are all levels of Thai entrepreneurs in the food industry, representatives from governmental or R&D institutions on food and commercialisation of STI, students and the public.

You may download the detailed Agenda by CLICKING HERE.

To register as a participant, please go to http://www.tistr.or.th/54register/

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