14th ASIALICS Conference


The Iran Association for Management of Technology will be organising the 14th ASIALICS Conference on August 30-31, 2017 in Tehran.


ASIALICS aims to explore and develop the concept of learning, innovation and competence building as an analytical framework. The objective of ASIALICS is to stimulate the establishment of knowledge-based strategies or economic development in Asia. The idea is to bring together interesting issues about what is going on in Asian countries and companies and to share experiences regarding methodology, analytical results and policies.

The ASIALICS 2017 conference theme is "Technological Learning, Innovation and Catching-up in the context of International Collaboration". The experience of East Asia in successful technological learning needs to be replicated in the West-Asia although there are substantial differences between the two regions. Therefore, the main question is that how the West-Asia could successfully catch-up in the international context, given the fact that it needs both to learn from the East-Asia and possibly other parts of the world and also to consider its local factors such as demography, culture and economic structure.

The two-day event features prominent speakers from academia, industries, government and game changers who transform global landscape.


Please CLICK HERE to download the flyer for the conference.

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