WAITRO Innovation Award 2016 Finalists and Winners

Congratulations to all organisations that had sent in their proposals and congratulations to all finalists and winners of the award!



Category: Social Innovation


Uganda Industrial Research Institute, Uganda

Conversion of biomass waste into energy for community consumption


Industrial Technology Institute, Sri Lanka

Red clay based low cost domestic water filter for removal of fluoride, arsenic and cadmium in drinking water


EPM, Colombia

Sustainable rural electrification with solar home systems


Category: Business Innovation


CTA, Colombia

Medellin’s ENPLANTA program


Industrial Technology Institute, Sri Lanka

Kithul Activation and Sap Production Enhancing Reagent (KASPER)



Royal Scientific Society, Jordan

Galvanic Corrosion Monitoring and Analyzing System

Photos of the event is accessible at https://www.flickr.com/photos/148235138@N08/albums/72157671662286024

The WAITRO Innovation Award 2016 was created to reward innovations with significant social or economic impact produced with major contribution from the submitting organisation, in line with WAITRO’s objective of enabling the development of action-oriented partnerships for sustainable development. This award was open from April to July 2016 to all WAITRO members and non-WAITRO member Research and Technology Organisations that had a representative registered to attend the 23rd WAITRO Biennial Congress and General Assembly held on September 28-29, 2016 in Medellín, Colombia.

The two categories for the award are Social Innovation and Business Innovation. For the social innovation, WAITRO received entries from China, Jordan, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago, four from Colombia, two from Iran, three from Sri Lanka and four from Uganda. In the Business Innovation category entries received were from Trinidad and Tobago, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Colombia. Entries received were evaluated and the shortlisted finalists were invited to defend their innovation during the Evaluation Committee scrutiny on September 27th 2016 after which the winners were selected. The prize was awarded during the WAITRO Biennial Congress 2016 closing ceremony in Medellín, Colombia.






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