The Mustafa Prize

The Mustafa Prize is a high-profile science and technology award granted to the top researchers and scientists of the Muslim world every two years. The prize is named after one of the epithets of the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), ‘Mustafa’, which means ‘The Selected’ in Arabic. The Mustafa Prize seeks to encourage education and research in the Islamic societies. The prize is set to be the play the pioneering role in developing regional relations between science and technology institutions working in Muslim countries. It also aims to improve scientific relation between Muslim academics and researchers in order to facilitate the growth and perfection of science in the Islamic states.


The first round of the Scientific and Technological Mustafa Prize Ceremony will be held in Tehran, Iran initiated by Pardis Technology Park coinciding with the birth anniversary of the Prophet of Islam in 2015.


The prize is awarded in four categories, namely Life Sciences and Medical Sciences, ‘Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, ‘Information and Communication Technologies and top selected work of Muslim Scientists‘. The laureates in each section will be awarded USD 500,000 which is financed through the endowments made to the prize. The laureates will also be decorated with special Mustafa Medals and Diplomas of Appreciation.


The Mustafa Prize began its initiation in 2013. The Policy-making Council of the Mustafa Prize is tasked with supervising various procedures of the event and it comprises high-profile universities and academic centres of Iran and the Muslim world. The prize will be granted to the works deemed to have improved human life and have made tangible and cutting-edge innovations on the boundaries of science or have presented new scientific methodology.


Call for submission of works

The deadline for submitting the works to the nominating institutions is September 12, 2014. The nomination for the Mustafa Prize will be based on an outstanding theoretical or applied achievement. The applicant’s general impact on the respected scientific or technological field or his academic career would be the next criterion considered by the jury panel. The applicants should submit their works to the Secretariat of the Prize through one of the nominating institutions.

Nominating institutions

Applicants cannot personally apply for the prize, but the works should be submitted to the Secretariat through the nominating institutions. Prominent scholars and academics, known at the global level, can also make nominations to the Secretariat. For each work, a separate application form should be filled out and sent to the Secretariat. There are currently 204 nominating institutions endorsed by the Secretariat, including research centres, universities, technology parks or other academic centres in 54 member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).


The “Top Work by a Muslim Scientist” can be contested by nominees from anywhere in the world. Muslim and non-Muslim scientists and academics who are OIC nationals can apply for the other three sections of the prize. Special cases of nomination including prominent Muslim scientists living in non-Muslim countries, would be exclusively evaluated by the Secretariat.


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For further information on the Mustafa Prize, kindly visit the website www.mustafaprize.org

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