WAITRO-ISESCO-LIPI Micro-Hydro Power System for Rural Community in Cibunar-Sukupada Tasik Malaya Village, West Java, Indonesia

WAITRO, ISESCO and LIPI embarked on a Poverty Alleviation Project in Tasik Malaya, Indonesia to supply electricity to more than 50 households and to enable the development of a Tea Drying System for local micro-economic activities. In addition, the electricity will also be supplied to the local Primary School in the village. The village has plenty of medium scale tea planting areas and the Tea Drying System will enable dried tea leaves to be produced and marketed at a much higher value by the community.

The Project which is co-funded by WAITRO, ISESCO and LIPI is one of the two Poverty Alleviation Projects approved by WAITRO EXCOM, ISESCO and the Poverty Alleviation Committee. The site was proposed by LIPI and approved by WAITRO EXCOM last year and the technical preparation and ground work began as early as February 2008. LIPI contributed and built the 30KW Micro Hydro Turbine for the Project which cost about US$20,000. LIPI R&D Centre for Electrical Power and Mechatronics is given the responsibility to develop and manage the Micro-Hydro Power System Project.

According to Prof Dr. Masbah Siregar, Deputy for Engineering Sciences LIPI, the Project Team lead by Ir. Adi Santoso, Ir. Anjar Susatyo and other key members of the team is confident that Phase 1 of the Project shall be completed by end of July 2008 meaning that the villagers in Cibunar-Sukupada will receive basic electricity supply by that period.

To support the project, the villagers have formed a local cooperation for the maintenance of the Micro-Hydro Power System to ensure its sustainability. WAITRO would like to extend its appreciation to Dr Masbah Siregar and Dr. Ir. Mochamad Ichwan, the former Centre Head for R&D Centre for Electrical Power and Mechatronics, LIPI. Both Dr. Masbah and Dr. Mochamad Ichwan have been instrumental.

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