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WAITRO-ISESCO Joint Cooperation Programme on Capability Building of Research Technology Organizations in ISO/IEC 17025
The Capability Building of RTOs in ISO/IEC 17025 is tailored to equip the RTOs with the knowledge on the international standards of ISO/IEC 17025 which is focused on laboratory competence. In this regard, the programme also helps to develop the capability of the laboratory personnel in implementing ISO/IEC 17025 systems. The programme also enhances the quality of testing in RTO laboratories through the implementation of technical components of proficiency testing and measurement uncertainty, initiate the implementation of a quality management system in five selected RTOs through the development of a quality manual and the review of the quality system documentation of each RTO and also to implement the quality system complying with ISO/IEC 17025 in one RTO laboratory as a test case. This is another joint cooperation programme initiated as a result of a joint cooperation agreement that WAITRO signed with the ISESCO in 2008. A total of ten participants from five member organizations were selected to attend the first phase of the project which was held in SIRIM Berhad, Shah Alam, Malaysia from October 14-30, 2009. They are from BRRI, Ghana; FIIRO, Nigeria; IROST, Iran and IRCC, Sudan.

The First Phase of the Programme was officiated by Ir. Hj. Yahaya Ahmad, President and Chief Executive of SIRIM Berhad and Mr. Mehdi Rajabi of ISESCO. During the opening address, Dr. Rohani Hashim mentioned that WAITRO members from developing countries need programmes such as this in order to increase their capability of their researcher and scientists by sharing technical expertise from the developed members. During the three weeks of training, participants were satisfied and they believe that this programme enables the RTO laboratories to be highly competent and effective in assuring that the consumer interests are protected.

LABNET Project on Capability Building Workshop - Awareness Workshop in Mexico on March 19-20, 2009
WAITRO and UNIDO co-organised this workshop to encourage participants to utilise Labnetwork portal to enable them to gain fresh insights and new perspectives on developments of innovation and technology-based industries in other countries, forge new business contacts through interaction and networking with fellow conference participants as well as assess opportunities for collaboration.



Capability Building on Good Laboratory Practices of ISO/IEC 17025 in October 12-30, 2009
This training was co-organised with SIRIM Berhad and ISESCO to provide RTOs with the knowledge on the international standard ISO/IEC 17025. This training programme focused on laboratory competence; development of the capability of the laboratory personals of RTOs in implementing the ISO/IEC 17025 system; enhancement of  the quality of testing in RTO laboratories through the implementation of technical components of proficiency testing and measurement uncertainty; initiation of the implementation of a quality management system in five RTOs through the development of a quality manual and the review of their quality system documentation; and the implementation of the quality system complying with ISO/IEC 17025 in a chosen RTO laboratory as a test case.


• International Workshops on Food Safety for African Countries - New Delhi, India - February and March 2012

Under the aegis of India-Africa Forum Summit-II, two International Workshops in the area of food safety were organized by Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi. The workshops were organized for the purpose of capability building for the upgradation of skills for the scientists and technologists of different African countries working in different areas of the food sector. A majority of scientists, technologists and experts participating in these workshops were from amongst the WAITRO family. It was a matter of great pride and honour for the experts of Shriram Institute to share their experiences and expertise with the fellow member institutes of WAITRO plus with those from the prospective member organizations of WAITRO. The success of these workshops can be ascribed mainly to the intense and technically high level of interactions, thanks to the whole-hearted involvement of the experts from Africa. The outcome of these workshops will help create capabilities in different countries of Africa in the area of food safety on one hand and on the other it will bring growth to the WAITRO family.

First workshop:

For the workshop held from February 1-15, 2012, a total of 24 scientists from 21 organizations and eight different countries; Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Botswana and Ghana, had participated. Out of the 21 organizations, Forest Products & Marketing Division, CSIR, Ghana; Savanah Agriculture Research Institute, Ghana; National Food Technology Research Institute, Botswana; Uganda Industrial Research Institute, Uganda and Raw Material Research Development

Second workshop:

For the workshop organized on March 1-15, 2012, a total of thirty scientists participated from 24 different organizations in 14 countries i.e. Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, Lesotho, Botswana, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eritrea, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ethiopia. Of them, Raw Material Research and Development Council, Nigeria; National Food Technology Research Centre, Botswana; Food Research Institute, Ghana; Uganda Industrial Research Institute, Uganda and Industrial Research and Consultancy Center, Sudan are active members of WAITRO.

Both the workshops were well appreciated by all concerned. Patronage from the officials of the diplomatic missions of the participating countries proved to be the motivating factor for the organizers. The presence of none other than the Honorable Minister of Planning and the Economy, Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Bhoendradatt Tewarie made the valedictory of the second workshop a memorable event. This is bound to provide the needed boost to such activities dedicated to achieve all inclusive growth.



Networking sessions
WAITRO co-organised a networking session with UNIDO and Institute of Electrical Research (IIE) titled “Networking Research Technology Organization as Nucleus of Creating Innovation and Commercialization Success in Latin America and the Caribbean” on 19-20 March, 2009. It had also co-organised with Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture Research Institute (BNARI), Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Ghana a WAITRO networking session on “Strengthening RTOs and SMEs for Sustainable Development” on October 7-8, 2009.

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